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Since long before we became so addicted to our screens, Riverphonic has been promoting the doctrine of Convergence: how marketing, technology and entertainment are all coming together on connected devices, and the impact this has on the relationship between businesses and consumers. Mobile strategy is fast becoming the answer to marketing strategy, and far-sighted companies are investing in products and experiences that add value to their customers’ lives, building sustainable relationships rather than simply advertising to them. Riverphonic’s insights are based on hands-on experience. 'Coherent thinking for Convergent times' means not only creating strategies for innovation and engaging people in the new, ‘always on’ world, but helping you put them into operation as well. For more information, contact

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    • The Cloudy issue of DJs on the Radio


      Eric Wahlforss’s failure this week to provide a straight answer to Techcrunch’s question about DJs posting samples that infringe copyright, has kicked up a predictable storm of controversy. The sight of Soundcloud’s CTO squirming under the interviewer’s spotlight will please many who are irked by his company’s inflated valuation. Hell, the man’s haircut alone could warrant a letter of complaint. But so far as this argument is concerned, it’s hard not to feel sorry for someone so palpably caught between a rock and a hard place.

      The rock of course is the multitude of musicians and DJs who use Soundcloud ...

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    • Travel Apps - A Guide to the Guides

      travel app geodelicWith SXSW in full swing and digital execs planning for CTIA, there has probably never been a greater flurry of activity around location-based apps and mobile travel planners. If finding something interesting to do in Orlando were not hard enough already, try figuring out which app to choose to optimize your partying schedule in Austin. Looking at all those lines outside the crucial events (never mind the ones inside), choosing the wrong conference networking app could be a career-threatening decision.

      So now seems an appropriate time to take a sweep of what’s available. And I mean ‘sweep’, because given the ...

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    • Jack Bauer considers iPad as lethal weapon

      24_iPad_picIt is possible but highly unlikely that you will recall @riverphonic’s tweet from a few months back saying something on the lines of “Jaded tech critics can be so tiresome. Can someone please just say, The iPad – Wow!”. Well, it looks like the verdict is in, now that the crowd has had a few days to hold it up to the light, shake it, clasp it to its collective bosom etc, and it seems to be favorable.

      As barometers of public opinion go, the commercial breaks in hit TV shows rate high, and none more so than those interrupting ...

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    • Mobile Dev Dilemma - to App or to WAP?


      Competition is heating up between smartphone applications and mobile browsers, prompting brands to rethink where to channel development resources. Some say that applications, popular with the youth market, will displace search engines. Others that open APIs allow browsers to adopt the best features of applications.  ‘For smartphone users, mobile web is the killer app,’ says Nielsen’s David Gill at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference in Austin, TX. Given that most people either have or want a smartphone, mobile web, formerly known as WAP, is back in a big way.

      Few would deny that smartphone applications have been ...

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    • Back to Blighty - Land of the Quick Workaround

      Mobile_enterprise_BritainJust returned from annual hols to the mother country, insulated from the savage East Coast wind by an extra layer of lard from too many pints, pies and ultra-fat cream. As usual, England impresses as a country teeming with would-be entrepreneurs. Half the people you meet have got some idea for a short-cut, a scam or a start-up; or know someone who’s already doing what you’ve been thinking about on the plane over. It’s like going to Ireland and asking the cabbie for a bookshop recommendation (you’ll wind up feeling like you’ve been hanging out with James Joyce’s brother-in-law), except ...

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