Words matter.

Conversation is all around us, written and spoken, multiplied by chatbots and instant messaging. Amazon, Apple and Google are wiring the world with voice-activated user interfaces. Podcasting is booming. Millions of high-powered media devices have fallen into the hands of 12-year olds, and the signal-to-noise ratio has gone crazy.

Here’s how we can help.

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Content Strategy

Let’s start by understanding who you’re trying to reach and what you want to talk with them about. Riverphonic's process determines the most effective channels to reach them through, the kind of content they will find interesting and valuable, what competitors are doing with Voice-first user experiences and conversational commerce, the tools that will deliver your messages most efficiently, and the thought-leadership pieces that will position you in the most impactful way.

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Copywriting & Editorial

Our signature style may not be to everyone’s taste, but neither is a fine scotch whisky. Taglines, ads, websites, social media posts, Alexa skills, newsletters, presentations, video scripts, product specs, business plans… no blog is too big, no tweet too small. Drawing on deep, diverse cultural insight and a keen ear to the zeitgeist, we can lay it out flat or spread it on thick in the Kingsman’s English: incisive, distinctive and memorable. 

Verbal Identity.jpg

Verbal Identity

Applying the frameworks of brand architecture, we conduct stakeholder interviews and drill down to the core message at the heart of every concept. We define the values, pillars, equities and components of a 'brand house'. From these flow mission and positioning statements, establishing a strategic vision from which to extend narratives, and a solid, clearly-expressed foundation for cultivating ideas for innovation and customer experiences.


Verbal Audit.png

Verbal Audit

Step 1 in the Riverphonic process is an elocutionary review of all media assets, to ensure consistency of tone, inject some sparkle to the voice, double-check the syntax and refresh your guidelines for future copy generation. It may be the editorial equivalent of a colonoscopy, but we approach it like everything - with humor, passion and ingenuity.

Verbal Design.png

Verbal Design

This may sound like the most clanging oxymoron since Definitely Maybe, but consider the following: “Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service”, “The medium is the message” and “The message is in the muuuuusic!!”. Steve Jobs, Marshall McLuhan, Hamilton Bohannon. Three of the great sages of the late 20th Century.

Naming Workshop.png

Naming Workshop

Names are to projects as hair styles are to rock stars. They get you noticed in a crowd, they look good on stage, they radiate the essence of who you are, and at their best they become icons in themselves. Riverphonic’s structured (but fun) program originates names for your new product or venture, and helps you shake out your inner Iggy Pop mop 



Voice Activation

Voice Activation.png

The ability to speak to machines is a massive game-changer. Don’t take our word for it, ask the device you are reading this on, or any of the millions of smart speakers distributed around our homes, cars, stores and event spaces. ComScore predicts that over half of search will start with a spoken query by 2020 – meaning this stuff works, and people already like using it, a lot.

So, what happens with Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Google, when somebody calls your name, and you’re not there? It’s not just a broken experience, allowing a competitor to get their foot in the door. It’s a missed opportunity for you to engage the user in conversation, while they carry on multi-tasking with the rest of their apps and faculties. And once you’ve got them listening, you can enrich the experience with narrative, personalized content and music.

To address this exciting new format, Riverphonic offers end-to-end Voice Experience Design. We start with strategic analysis of the Voice-first landscape and traditional UX work on persona development and user journeys; then move into storyboarding, conversational design and, when required, audio & sound design; the third phase is ‘skills' and app development - similar to building lightweight apps for iPhone and Android.