Creative Intelligence for the Connected Age

“A river speaks in myriad voices while making a single roar.”

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Riverphonic is a creative intelligence agency that helps companies to find their voice and develop authentic new ways to communicate. Since 2005, we have worked with some of the biggest names in Media & Entertainment to design experiences and launch innovations that resonate, engage, drive conversations and build communities that stay connected. 

We draw on deep expertise in language and music, and unique insights into culture and technology. Our philosophy is based on the belief that the arts of music and language bring light to a world that is increasingly commoditized by programming. Combining editorial, experiential and interactive capabilities, we apply creative intelligence to developing original ideas into impactful messages, products and ventures.

Within the broader context of consulting, we specialize in Verbal Identity, Voice Experience Design and Audio Branding – from foundational thinking about the essence or your concept to the sounds and sensations through which it finds expression. Never mind the noise: Riverphonic will bring you fresh, actionable solutions for how to inform, entertain & persuade on the platforms and screens where tomorrow’s audiences are coming together.


Our Collaborative Approach

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Community Influence

Riverphonic reaches deep into global communities that are united by a sense of purpose and radical inclusion from participating in inspiring events. Fan clubs, meet-ups, art collectives, activist groups: these are the tribes of online culture. To close the experience loop, target their tastemakers with personalized content made for sharing. And yes, so long as we are vigilant, we can use social networks to change the world.

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Strategic Partnerships

Creative intelligence is about making connections: cognitive, cultural and technological. Especially in a business context, but also for creative ventures, it has become increasingly fruitful to share ideas, resources and capabilities. After 15 years helping start-ups grow up in the big bad city, we know the frameworks that strategically-aligned enterprises use to partner successfully, and how to reach many that are interested in doing so. Collaboration is the new competitive advantage.

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Creative Execution

Welcome to the worldwide workforce. Riverphonic can be your gateway to a network of outstanding writers, photographers, graphic artists, world-renowned DJs and music aficionados, UX & UI designers, software developers, AR & VR producers and other cutting-edge talents. Operating as a curator, agent or project coordinator, we work closely with client teams to source the best in the business and see the job through.


Brands and friends we work with

Our aim is always to be as flexible as possible. We work with companies large and small, as a retained consultant, partner or gun for hire. With agility as our watchword, we never let the process take priority over the project.


Taking inspiration from the universal language of music, Riverphonic extrapolates its principles into a flow of communications, events and moments of engagement that are always on key, instantly felt, massively infectious and masterfully orchestrated. It unifies a multitude of dissonant signals into one harmonious stream.

"Coherent Thinking for Convergent Times"

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